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Discussing Systems Leadership with the Hunger to Health Collaboratory

This week, I was honored to participate in the Hunger to Health Collaboratory event at the Boston Public Library. This cross-sector effort is convening leaders from philanthropy, non-profit, education, health, private industry, and government to end hunger for food insecure Americans. They are focused on promoting outcomes connecting hunger to health, and demonstrating the value of collective impact to move from hunger to health supported by data, awareness, and policy.

I joined Melissa Berman from Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors and Marcia Stepanek from Brand Stories in “Notes from the Frontlines,” a conversation about systems change. We discussed the elements of collective impact and how systems leadership skills are necessary to catalyze collective leadership. We also talked about how it’s important to look at how issues are related to begin to untangle the problems we face as a society—for example, how wage levels and housing costs are directly related to hunger.

I look forward to following this effort and its impact in the coming months and years. 

John Kania

Board Member