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Considering Applying for The Race to the Top District Competition? Join Us for a Free Webinar

In partnership with Education Elements, FSG is excited to be hosting a free webinar on The Race to the Top District Competition on Wednesday, September 5th at noon EDT/9:00am PDT. Learn more about Collective Impact and Blended Classrooms, and how they can strengthen your application.

FSG’s Emily Malenfant and Amanda Rinderle and Education Elements’ Amy Jenkins invite district leaders applying for The Race to the Top District Competition and others interested in learning more about Collective Impact and Blended Learning in education to join the webinar. You will learn about how to implement Collective Impact and Blended Learning at the district level, and how to incorporate these concepts in your Race to the Top application. We anticipate a lively event, and will spend 15 minutes at the end of the webinar answering participants' questions.

The Competitive Preference Priority rewards applicants for collaborating with public or private partners to address resource alignment and integrated resources and Absolute Priority 1 requires districts to design personalized learning environments that are designed to significantly improve learning and teaching. Collective Impact provides a strong framework for the Competitive Preference Priority part of the application, and can enable districts to improve the effectiveness of their collaborations with outside partners and address a range of student needs outside of the classroom, ultimately increasing student achievement. Blended Classrooms can address Absolute Priority 1 by creating environments in which teachers can differentiate instruction, and students can learn at their own, often accelerated, pace. 

Register Now--it's free!