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Charting a Course for Change: Advancing Education, Income and Health through Collective Impact

Be sure to read Charting a Course for Change: Advancing Education, Income And Health Through Collective Impact, a new white paper that lays out the community strategies experts say work best to improve education, financial stability and health and how your United Way can help you turn those strategies into action.

The paper includes perspectives from more than 40 issue experts, including a Foreword from FSG’s Mark Kramer, who writes: “These problems are too big for any single organization to solve; too big even for the nonprofit sector to solve without engaging private enterprise and government as partners. There is no single 'silver bullet' that will solve problems of this severity. Instead, a strong cross-sector infrastructure is needed to support collaboration, guide evidence-based decision-making, track community-level outcomes, scan existing resources and identify priority strategies.”

For more information about the roles United Ways can play in Collective Impact efforts, check out Javier Hernandez's blog post.