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Inclusive Markets

FSG brings companies, investors, funders, and governments together to develop strategies to scale inclusive business models, and conducts and publishes research to make these enterprises more effective.

Inclusive Markets Projects


Since 2006, our Inclusive Markets practitioners have been working to help enterprises, donors, investors, and governments advance the field from promise to reality, particularly in India. Notable successes include the growth of a new low-income housing industry and the development of decentralized water plants in urban slums. The team is now actively exploring a range of other sectors, including sanitation and healthcare.

Key aspects of our approach include the following:

  • Starting with a deep understanding of low-income customers/producers.
  • Designing and validating new business models that work for low-income segments.
  • Addressing barriers to scaling at both firm and ecosystem levels, as an industry facilitator.
  • Tracking impact and feeding learning back into the industry.

What happens when our partnerships are successful?

  • The growth of a new low-income housing industry in India with more than 80,000 units sold to date across the country:
    • Incubated a new housing finance company that has provided more than $28 million in micro-mortgages; and
    • Engaged with state governments throughout  India to help shape the development of conducive policies for low-income housing developers and housing finance companies.
  • Decentralized water plants now serve more than 20,000 households in urban slums.

Tools and Resources