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Collective Impact

FSG offers comprehensive support in the design and launch of collective impact efforts, including planning support, facilitation of strategy selection, and analysis and guidance for the development of shared measurement systems. We also offer evaluation of collective impact efforts at different stages of maturity.

Selected Collective Impact Client Projects



  • Assessing feasibility for collective impact.
  • Identifying key partners and building coalitions.
  • Defining the need and creating a call to action.
  • Developing and facilitating different levels of engagement for stakeholders.
  • Conducting secondary research on analogous efforts.
  • Creating a common vision and drafting a detailed action plan.
  • Documenting the collective impact design process.


  • Developing work plans and building capacity.
  • Developing and supporting work groups.
  • Conducting issue-specific research.


  • Conducting baseline data analysis.
  • Developing common goals and shared measures.
  • Mapping landscape of data availability and data capacity.
  • Exploring long-term data management options.


  • Designing and implementing evaluation of collective impact efforts at different stages of maturity.
  • Developing mixed method approaches to match the specific evaluation needs of the collective impact effort.


  • Providing customized coaching services to collective impact initiatives at all stages: forming, emerging, and mature collaboratives.
  • FSG can provide light-touch coaching assistance for leaders working on the areas listed above. 

Intellectual rigor, deep knowledge of organizations and systems, and commitment to communities—for those reasons, FSG is an invaluable partner. We couldn’t—and wouldn’t want to—do it without them. 
Melody C. Barnes, Chair
Aspen Forum for Community Solutions
I’m really pleased that we engaged FSG to help us take on the challenging work of reducing youth substance abuse. FSG set high standards for engaging all the key players, and their research was a valuable foundation for the work and the public funding that has followed.
Betsy Dubovsky, Executive Director
The Staten Island Foundation
FSG has become an invaluable partner in our journey. Their guidance helped us to transform our organization’s approach in the communities we serve to more deeply understand the dynamics and unique health challenges of each area, while placing local leaders in the driver’s seat to create needed change.
Patricia Mejia, Director of Community Engagement
Methodist Healthcare Ministries
I was extremely pleased with FSG and the team; they were creative and innovative... They also really broadened and deepened our community outreach by involving segments of the community who were not previously involved. They got penetration in the community, and that was truly impressive to watch.
Jim Postl, Chair
Early Matters
FSG has been a transformative partner in helping us plan the forward trajectory of our community leadership work. Their expertise in collective impact has allowed us to garner the continued confidence and support of key stakeholders throughout the process. I would highly recommend their team!
Shelley Hoss, President
Orange County Community Foundation

How We Work

  • Engage stakeholders and beneficiaries in the design process.
  • Reflect a systems orientation that acknowledges that social problems are complex and dynamic. 
  • Build capacity of key stakeholders to work effectively in emergent and adaptive ways.
  • Communicate findings and facilitate dialogue in ways that are accessible to multiple stakeholders.
  • We aim to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), through the questions we ask, the way we analyze data, how we engage with others, and the recommendations we make on strategy and partnerships.

Tools and Resources