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FSG is a mission-driven consulting firm for leaders in search of large-scale, lasting social change. Through our combination of customized consulting services, powerful ideas, and learning communities, we help foundations, businesses, nonprofits, and governments around the world unleash their full potential to reimagine social change.

Our expertise in strategic planning, evaluation, and implementation helps clients such as the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Lilly, and the Global Fund for Women create social impact in health, economic development, education, and more. Learn more about our consulting services.

Our consulting work, research, and analysis of successful efforts has led us to write about and develop ideas that we believe have the power to change the world. We are well-known for collective impact, and shared value, and we take a systems thinking approach to tackling complex problems.

We also support the Collective Impact Forum, the Shared Value Initiative, and the Impact Hiring Initiative—learning communities that provide tools and relationships for change agents.

What We Believe

We need new approaches

Current approaches to addressing today’s most intractable problems are failing us and must be replaced by new ones that better fit the realities of how social change happens.

We live in a complex world

Social issues are often embedded in complex systems that defy predictable solutions. Change is possible only if we understand and support interdependencies and momentum shifts within a system.

We need to work across sectors

Most of the problems we face are simply too big for any one entity to solve. Making social progress and achieving impact depends on collaboration among civil society, government, and business.

We need strong partnerships and ideas

To be successful in any pursuit, we must work together, build strong partnerships, and lift up the compelling ideas and successes of others.

Above all, we believe that real change is possible and that tomorrow doesn’t have to be like today. Passionate leaders with new insights and heightened aspirations, willing to work across the divides between philanthropy, social enterprises, government, and business, can transform our world.