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Staff Perspectives on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

“My parents immigrated from South Korea to the U.S. to pursue educational and economic opportunity for their themselves as well as for my brothers and me. As a result, I feel blessed to do work that ensures others—regardless of background or socio-economic status—have access to careers that lead to economic stability and flourishing. Equity is at the heart of what Talent Rewire does, and through our Innovation Labs we are helping employers to understand the business value of building DEI into their talent systems.”

Kimberly Shin, Director, Talent Rewire

“I work in the social sector because I’m committed to building a more just world where human potential isn’t limited by factors such as race, gender, and economic status. As we’ve learned over the years, this commitment simply isn’t enough. To effectively advance equitable systems change we must also account for our biases, build awareness of systemic oppression, and center the perspectives of impacted communities.

At FSG we’re serious about deepening this practice internally and in partnership with allies across the sector. The way we show up really matters, so I’m heartened by the efforts we’re making to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion through our work.”

Hayling Price, Former Associate Director and Equity Partnerships Lead

“During my youth, I was exposed to the ideals of service to others and social justice. These values, and especially the central role of equity, propelled me through all of my life choices, including the decision to become a pediatrician working in an urban setting, to pursue research focused on the impact of public policy on child and family health, and subsequently to serve as a public health official for Massachusetts. Although my path through those experiences has been somewhat winding, what has been unwavering has been my calling to serve families and communities, especially those who have been excluded from the best of what’s possible in our world.

It may sound too simple, but I was drawn to FSG because of its commitment to helping others address the tough problems confronting our communities. I believe that in order to do that, we must ensure that diversity, equity, and inclusion be embedded in all of our work.”

Lauren A. Smith, Board Member

“FSG’s work is fundamentally linked to addressing the needs of society’s most marginalized communities. As we continue our journey around diversity, equity, and inclusion, we are refining our approach to recruiting, training, and professional development. Strengthening our own processes can improve our collective listening skills and make us better advocates for our clients, partners, and the people whose lives we ultimately hope to affect.

I develop and implement our firm-wide recruiting strategy, including building pipelines of talent and assessing candidates. I’ve chosen to work at FSG because I’m committed to working toward greater equity in our society. At times this work can feel daunting, but I’m committed to this work and I know I have strong partners in my FSG colleagues.”

Marcia LoMonaco, Head of People