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Sr. KG children in PIPE affordable private schools scored 51% higher than children in control affordable private schools

To determine PIPE’s impact, an independent assessment of 106 affordable private schools (APSs) with PIPE partner solutions (‘PIPE APSs’) and 28 affordable private schools with no activity based intervention (‘Control APSs’) was conducted in January 2019.

Independent assessment

An independent assessment of 134 affordable private schools was conducted by Modulus Research. APSs are schools that typically charge fees under INR 1,800 (USD 23) per month, and offer classes from nursery to grade 10 or 12. All schools for evaluation were chosen randomly and (i) were private schools; (ii) operate nursery to grade 5 (ages 3-11); (iii) charge fees less than INR 22,500 per child per annum.

Representative sample

The 134 APSs selected were representative of a typical APS. To ensure the sample APSs were homogenous, we assessed students in Grade 2 in both PIPE APSs and control APSs as none of these students had access to activity based learning products in the early years (i.e. Nursery to Sr. KG). The assessment1 found no significant variance in Math and English outcomes in Grade 2. To understand if the learning gains are the same for girls and boys, 3 Sr. KG girls and 3 Sr. KG boys were assessed in each of the 134 APSs.

Key findings

• Learning outcomes of Sr. KG children in PIPE APSs were 51% higher than Sr. KG children in control APSs

• Sr. KG children in PIPE APSs performed better in Math, reading and working memory compared to children in control APSs

• Sr. KG children in PIPE and control APSs scored low in spoken English, cognition and executive function

• Sr. KG classroom environment in PIPE APSs is 86% better than control APSs due to better staff-child interaction, high student engagement and greater exposure to new vocabulary

• Capability of Sr. KG teachers in PIPE APSs has improved due to regular coaching from PIPE partners

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[1] Used Scoring Tool for Assessing Readiness at School (STARS) which leverages ECERS-R for classroom environment; IDELA and SRI for learning outcomes. The tool also captures stakeholder mindsets changes. Grade 2 assessments used the ASER tool