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Barbara Mora

Executive and Office Coordinator

Barbara has over 20 years experience supporting executive and high-level leadership members and providing team administrative support in both the private and nonprofit sectors. Barbara supports two of FSG’s managing directors, while keeping the FSG Seattle office running smoothly. Barbara’s work includes scheduling external client meetings as well as providing calendar support to internal team members. She takes an active role in providing daily administrative and functional duties.

Before FSG

Prior to joining FSG, Barbara worked as an office manager at Unitus, an international nonprofit organization dedicated to providing and advancing innovative, market-based solutions to global poverty.

On working at FSG

“I’m here at FSG because my heart belongs here! Seeing the dedication, commitment, and passion that each person has keeps me here. My favorite FSG moment was when they said, “We want to offer you the position.” My second was “we want to offer you full-time” (vs. the part-time position for which I was hired) and my third favorite FSG moment was the realization that this is one of the best places I have ever worked. Oh, and the annual retreat is beyond amazing! The annual retreat is something that every FSG employee values and I take a great sense of pride.”