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Factors That Affect How Affordable Private School Teachers Implement Activity-based Learning Solutions

Affordable private school teachers face 8 key mindset barriers and implementation challenges in implementing activity-based learning correctly.

FSG interviewed 25 pre-primary teachers from 13 affordable private schools (APS) across 3 cities to understand the factors affecting APS pre-primary teachers in implementing activity-based learning (ABL) solutions. This included a study of APS teachers’ mindsets, journey with ABL solutions, challenges faced in implementing ABL solutions and practices from current interventions which have helped APS teachers in their implementation of ABL solutions.

Key mindset barriers include:

  • Believe they are not accountable for implementing ABL
  • Believe children are learning concepts through rote techniques
  • Believe traditional curriculum is more effective than ABL curriculum

Key implementation challenges include:

  • Overwhelmed by the amount of new content when switching to new ABL solution
  • Unable to understand trainings and manuals offered by an ABL solution provider
  • Unable to address parent complaints/queries regarding ABL
  • Unable to manage classrooms when implementing ABL
  • Burdened with additional workload when implementing ABL

In addition to identifying key barriers and challenges faced by teachers, FSG has also recommended practical and feasible solutions for ABL solution providers to address these barriers and challenges.

Learn more about the challenges faced by APS teachers and the recommendations to address these barriers here

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