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SOCAP 2020

Join FSG's Laura Amaya and Harvey Koh for the session "Who Owns Social Enterprises? Moving from Beneficiaries to Shareholders" at this year's virtual SOCAP event.

For too long, we have been developing social enterprises without thinking hard about who owns and controls these businesses. It is high time we changed that. This session gathers perspectives from social entrepreneurs, investors, and governments across emerging markets to discuss innovative investment strategies and structures that enable shifts in enterprise ownership, transforming ‘beneficiaries’ into empowered market players.


  • Laura Amaya FSG (moderator)
  • Harvey Koh – FSG
  • Virgilio Barco – Latin America Director, Acumen
  • Justin Highstead – Executive Director, Gatsby Africa
  • Kola Masha – Founder, Babban Gona


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Laura Amaya

Former Associate Director

Harvey Koh

Managing Director