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Making Meetings Work: How to Design Meetings to Energize Rather than Bore

Hosted by the Collective Impact Forum

Collective impact involves A LOT of meetings. These meetings are often critical for building relationships, sustaining momentum, and maintaining accountability between partners. Many meetings, however, meander, lack focus, and can suck the air out of our initiatives.

In this online training, Paul Schmitz, senior advisor to the Collective Impact Forum and CEO of Leading Inside Out, will share tools and strategies to help you design meetings that energize and reach your goals, rather than waste your time (and patience).

This training will explore design factors like how to:

  • Clarify roles and expectations between attendees
  • Design your space to be engaging and accessible
  • Keep your goals and purpose at the center
  • Focus agenda on engagement, not reports and stick to schedule
  • Maintain commitments and accountability among partners
  • Learn to organize meetings that matter and that people won't want to miss

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Paul Schmitz

Senior Advisor Collective Impact Forum