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How to create scalable societal impact as a corporation

Consumers are increasingly demanding that companies do well by doing good, and many business leaders are answering that call by adopting shared value approaches. If you're a leader in a corporation or corporate foundation interested in creating sustainable social and environmetal impact in the long-term, this webinar is for you.

The discussion is a deep dive with:

  • Wolfgang Hafenmayer, the Head of Societal Impact at Trusted Family, introduces different societal impact strategies that move beyond risk mitigation, such as strategically aligned corporate philanthropy, corporate impact venturing, and inclusive business
  • Nina Reichert, Associate Director at FSG, then explains the concept of shared value in more detail: Why and how are companies choosing shared value strategies to leverage the power of market-based competition in addressing societal problems, which companies are inspiring champions and what can be learned from their case studies.

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Nina Jais