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Grantmakers in Aging Annual Conference 2016

FSG Managing Director Greg Hills participates in the session "Not as Easy as it Looks: Creating and Sustaining Age-Friendly Communities at the Local Level" at the GIA Annual Conference.

The movement to make communities better places to both grow up and grow old continues to expand, with over 100 communities involved in the U.S. and almost 300 worldwide—an amazing result for an aging field that often struggles to gain traction at the local level. But the effort to get these programs started, to encourage them through their middle phases, and to sustain them over time is challenging. Many efforts stumble after the initial blush of enthusiasm and others are unable to move forward without continued outside help. Join funders and practitioners who are working to bring new communities—including rural areas—into the age-friendly movement, as well as communities that have been working on this agenda for many years but now need to sustain themselves.


Greg Hills