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Being the Change: Foundations Transforming for Greater Impact

Today, many foundations are re-examining the role they can play in addressing societies more challenging problems. They recognize that you can’t make change “out there” if you don’t make change “in here.”

Abigail Stevenson leads this session that will present examples of new approaches across four areas of practice—staffing philosophy, structure and design, skill development and supportive culture—to foster greater connectivity, vibrancy and engagement both internally and externally, ultimately opening up new avenues for impact.

Join us to:

  • Learn how peer foundations are rethinking their goals for creating social change and the role that the foundation and its staff members play in achieving those goals
  • Hear examples of peer foundations that have transformed staff size, structures, skill development and cultures to support its strategies
  • Interact with and explore ideas with your colleagues and peers

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Hosted by Southern California Grantmakers


Abigail Ridgway