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Equipping Parents to Support their Children at Home

PIPE developed a set of videos to educate parents about the current poor learning outcomes in preschool and to equip them to help their children aged 5-7 at home.

Due to varying literacy levels, parents from low-income households do not feel equipped to support their children academically (based on PIPE’s research with 4,400 low-income families). Parents often fail to recognize that their child is not learning as they check if their child has rote memorized the content taught in school, but do not check if their child has actually understood the content. For example, parents often check whether children can recite up to 50, but not whether they can pick out 12 objects from a stack of 20.

PIPE has developed a set of videos, specifically for parents of 5-7 year olds, to:

  • Explain the issue that current learning outcomes are poor
  • Enable them to assess their children’s learning outcomes
  • Get them to ask for more effective teaching in schools
  • Help them engage in simple activities with their children at home

To access the complete set of videos visit

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