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Educating Parents on Quality Learning

Parents currently assess a child’s learning by checking for rote memorization. Using what we call ‘right’ markers can help check actual understanding

Many parents check if their child has rote memorized the content taught in school, but do not check if their child has actually understood the content. For example, parents often check whether children can recite up to 50, but not whether they can pick out 12 objects from a stack of 20.

‘Right’ markers that test whether the child has understood the actual concept—such as whether the child understands the cardinal value of a number—are largely unaddressed in affordable private schools because parents do not currently look for them, and teachers do not know how to teach them. It is critical for parents to learn how to assess true learning, as opposed to rote memorization, and to help build demand for activity-based learning in affordable private schools.

’Right’ markers:

  • Are activity based tasks or questions that parents can use with children to check for learning
  • Test understanding of concepts that rote memorization techniques cannot deliver
  • Can be used by parents of any background irrespective of technical knowledge or education qualification
  • Highlights gaps in ECE to help parents realize the need for good ECE
  • Are easy to administer so parents can use them at home with readily available resources
  • Are age-appropriate and customized for target children

We used a staged approach to pilot a set of ‘right’ markers.  Learn more >

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