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Uniting to Protect Democracy for All

Like most of you, I’m still processing what happened yesterday at the U.S. Capitol. I was glued to the TV. Horror. Disbelief. Sadness. Resolve.

In my year-end reflections, I promised that I would not use the word “unprecedented” to describe current events but… what we saw yesterday was... Read more

End of Year Reflections 2020

“During these unprecedented times…” That’s a phrase I hope to never read again, and not simply because it’s such a cliché. The very notion of an unprecedented crisis invites us to accept that widespread suffering is inevitable when the threat is too large.

Certainly, COVID-19 and... Read more

Thank You, Lauren Smith

To FSG’s stakeholders around the world:

With mixed emotions, I want to share with you all that my fellow co-CEO, Dr. Lauren A. Smith, will be stepping down from her role at FSG in early October.

Lauren will be joining the CDC Foundation as Chief Health Equity Strategy Officer, a... Read more

A New Role

Moving on from a role I have enjoyed is always difficult because I am flooded with so many memories of meaningful experiences, even as I feel a sense of excitement for what comes next. So it is with those mixed emotions that I share that I will be leaving FSG to start in a new role as Chief... Read more