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Staying Agile in the Age of Lockdown


For about a year now FSG has been exploring how we can more effectively deliver on our work to help our clients create social impact. We’re examining our organizational culture and behaviors, our internal practices, policies, and processes, and evolving so that we can further live into... Read more

Foundations Can Increase Payouts: Here’s How


The current COVID-19 crisis has created immense and unexpected hardship among many foundation grantees and the people they serve. Foundations are stepping up by finding innovative ways to go beyond their normal grantmaking, removing restrictions on the use of grant funds, accelerating... Read more

COVID-19: Companies, Let’s Get Practical


The COVID-19 crisis is forcing companies to reexamine their impact on society and their responsibility to all their stakeholders—employees, customers, communities, and partners alike. Companies are under immense pressure to respond quickly and many have already responded to their... Read more

Learning in a Time of Crisis


Many philanthropic organizations are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic by developing rapid-response funding mechanisms, resources, and revised grant policies. This is requiring program staff and others to make extremely fast decisions and implement new policies and practices almost... Read more