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From Lights to Bytes: The Promise of Rural Broadband

“Mr. Carmody: We Want Lights!” This sign greeted John Carmody, head of the Rural Electrification Administration (REA) in 1938 as he was visiting residents in Georgia to hear their opinion of public rural electrification projects. Five years before, the nearby Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) was... Read more

Systems Change Is a Noun and a Verb

There are generally three types of problems: simple, complicated, and complex. Simple problems, such as needing to change a light bulb, can usually be addressed by commonly known solutions that are relatively straightforward to execute. Complicated problems such as... Read more

Impact Investing for Institutional Investors

Impact investing is here to stay and going mainstream: Recent impact investing conferences like the Impact Summit Europe and the GIIN that feature the who’s who of the financial services industry don’t leave any doubt about that. A good set of investment managers have an experienced head start... Read more