Welcome to the New FSG.org

Like many websites, our old one had reached the point where it seemed like it was doing more to serve our needs than yours. So we set out to redesign it with the user in mind: those who are working to create social change.

Here are the highlights—the 3 elements we think you’ll find most helpful. We’ve also included some thoughts on the site’s technical improvements such as a mobile-friendly design, below.

1.  Our website is designed to provide YOU with the tools and resources you need to put ideas into practice.

As part of our mission, we continue to share free tools & resources, as well as publications with the field. Now, these pieces are easier to search by topic.

In addition, individual pages are designed to be as useful as possible, including key takeaways from publications, related blog posts, videos, and other relevant resources.  Check out our page on “Collective Impact (Stanford Social Innovation Review, 2011) to see what we mean.

2.  Instead of many blogs, we now have 1 blog.

We’ve combined our many blogs into a single FSG blog in order to provide a timely feed on some of the most interesting things we’re seeing in the social sector. You can search by topics most interesting to you, but you’ll also have a chance to see related topics you might have previously missed.

It is also quicker and easier to comment on our blog using your login from Facebook, Twitter, or Google.

Be sure to subscribe to our new blog here.

3.  We’ve tried to demystify FSG, our ideas, and our learning communities.

We’ve taken a step back to tell the story of FSG, how some of our ideas and learning communities—the Collective Impact Forum, and the Shared Value Initiative— came to be, and how they fit together. Throughout the site we have built connections to these communities, which serve practitioners with the peer relationships and resources they need to be successful in practicing collective impact or shared value.

You can also read about the tangible results of FSG’s work on client projects. And of course, you can find out about our consulting services, too.

A bit more on technical improvements and our process.

With practitioners in mind throughout the strategy and design of the website, in partnership with Blue State Digital, we tried to let the data lead us in the right direction using information from Google Analytics, heat maps, surveys, and UTM tracking.

More and more of our visitors are on touch screen mobile devices, so we utilized a responsive design that adjusts to the size of your screen. And while some of us can remember when everything important had to be “above the fold,” we’re joining the vast number of sites that present some information in a scrolling page—again, it’s easier for mobile and touch screen.

Our data also told us that as much as we focused on our homepage, the majority of our visitors didn’t come to our site through that page. Instead, they’re finding us through links on social media or emails from colleagues or external sites and are going right to our content.

This isn’t to say that home pages are irrelevant—but instead of being a common entry point for visitors, they are more often the place where people go to learn a bit about the organization whose content they’ve just browsed.  Our homepage now is designed to introduce a new user to FSG.

As exciting as it was to build and launch the site, the real journey begins now, as we see how visitors like you use the site and we respond. We also welcome direct feedback—we’d love to hear from you in the comments below or at info@fsg.org.

Thanks for visiting!



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