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Shared Value Insights From Save the Children’s Carolyn Miles

At FSG's Shared Value Leadership Summit in May, FSG asked senior leaders to discuss their perspectives on shared value. The results were conversations offering distinct viewpoints on shared value’s role at each organization, as well as in broader society. In the last of four videos, Carolyn Miles of Save the Children explains her vision for shared value partnerships.

In her conversation with FSG, Carolyn Miles, CEO of Save the Children, discusses the opportunity for new types of coalitions connecting the private sector, NGOs, and philanthropic organizations to work together on issues no one sector can adequately take on by itself. From Save the Children’s perspective, shared value is about finding the intersection of issues that concern Save the Children with issues that have a real resonance with their business partners:

As a leading NGO I think we need to start with the issues we are really tackling and then we need to identify what businesses might be interested in and for what reasons.

She also highlights criteria for corporations that are considering forming a shared value partnership with an NGO, and information they need to be successful. Watch Carolyn talk more about Save the Children's shared value perspective above.