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Shared Value and Collective Impact–4 Years Later

In the past few months, 2 of FSG’s ideas–shared value and collective impact–have gone mainstream with key featured articles in the general business press.

In August, shared value was mentioned in the first annual “Companies Changing the World” list in Fortune magazine. The list was inspired by the concept of shared value, and FSG and the Shared Value Initiative provided the research that informed the list of companies selected by Fortune.  

In September, Forbes magazine ran this article on applying the principles of collective impact to “create meaningful change in any organization.”

In and of themselves neither shared value nor collective impact will solve all the world’s problems. But both ideas have been seminal to helping leaders across sectors reimagine social change for greater impact. It’s exciting to see these ideas, both 4 years into their debut, still continuing to reach and inspire new audiences to change. We are grateful to the contributions of those at FSG, and especially to our partners and clients for helping bring these and other ideas to life in the service of making a significant difference in the world. 

To learn more about how these ideas have grown and developed, visit our Learning Communities: Shared Value Initiative and Collective Impact Forum >

John Kania

Board Member