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New in the Chronicle of Philanthropy: Why Foundations Need an ‘Ensemble Cast’ to Tackle Complex Challenges

In a new article published in the July issue of the Chronicle of Philanthropy, FSG highlights how foundations that are experimenting with new ways of creating social change must also upend traditional expectations about the size, background, roles, and interactions of their staff.

Why Foundations Need an ‘Ensemble Cast’ to Tackle Complex Challenges*” explores how foundations that are expanding beyond traditional grantmaking are better supported by an “ensemble cast” model that elevates the voices and talents of all staff, especially those not traditionally associated with grantmaking.

These trends are illustrated by examples from some of the innovative organizations FSG interviewed for Being the Change, our recent report on how foundations across the U.S. and Europe are applying their assets, knowledge, skills, networks, and people in new ways in order to create impact at scale and change systems.

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*Please note this article is behind a paywall.