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Listen to FSG’s Veronica Borgonovi and Hayling Price Discuss Racial Equity with Tamarack Institute’s Liz Weaver

This week, FSG’s Veronica Borgonovi and Hayling Price joined Tamarack Institute’s Liz Weaver for a webinar, “Reckoning, Repair, and Change: Authentically Advancing Racial Equity,” based on a recent primer written for corporate leaders.

This publication builds on FSG’s work with various partners to highlight the importance of focusing on racial equity within our social change efforts. For the past few years, FSG has worked closely with PolicyLink on research and programs to advance equity. We’ve defined equity as just and fair inclusion into a society in which all can participate, prosper, and reach their full potential. FSG-PolicyLink publications on how companies can address racial equity through shared value include The Competitive Advantage of Racial Equity, Health Care and the Competitive Advantage of Racial Equity, and Financial Services and the Competitive Advantage of Racial Equity.

In the webinar, participants discuss actions business and social sector leaders can take to advance systemic change that addresses past harm and resulting inequitable outcomes. Veronica and Hayling share examples of how companies and social sector actors have contributed to racialized harm and have taken steps to address that harm and change future outcomes. 

Veronica and Hayling also reflect on why they felt compelled to write the primer, and on FSG’s own journey through reckoning, repair, and change. This includes evaluating organizational norms, practices, and behaviors in partnership with Change Elemental and other experts. While there’s more to be done and we continue to invest in our progress, this work has strengthened FSG as an organization and as an advisor to foundations and corporations seeking to reimagine social change. 

We encourage those working to create equitable systems to explore partnerships and seek advice from experts who have deep experience in addressing inequities. There are many organizations doing innovative work, including Change Elemental, Building Movement Project, Frontline Solutions, RaceForward, National Equity Project, and CHANGE philanthropy.

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Veronica Borgonovi

Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Hayling Price

Former Associate Director, FSG