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FSG’s Nikhil Bumb on Combatting Fear and Ignorance

In a recent column for the Huffington Post, FSG Senior Consultant Nikhil Bumb shares his experience as a Jain Indian American and reflects on how to address the fear of other cultures that is prevalent in the U.S. today:

“We are informed by what we hear on the news, read on the internet, and consume through a self-selected community of mostly similar looking and like-minded individuals. In doing so, we limit ourselves to just one side of multidimensional issues, feed off of each other’s implicit views, and perpetuate misconceptions. Instead, what if we went directly to the communities and cultures we know the least about or fear the most, and we learned about them from them?”

Read Combatting Fear And Ignorance In The Time Of Trump on The Huffington Post >

Nikhil Bumb