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CCER/Gates Foundation: Road Map for Education Results

Case Overview

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Community Center for Education Results (CCER) engaged FSG to design, launch, and implement the Road Map Project, a cradle-to-college and career collective impact initiative in South Seattle and South King County.

The Challenge

The greater Seattle region is known worldwide as a leader in technology and innovation and boasts one of the best educated workforces in the nation. Yet, just as the region imports highly-educated talent from around the globe, it struggles to provide quality education for thousands of children living in its own backyard. For more than 55,000 low-income students, education results are shockingly poor. Less than one-quarter of all students in the region earn a college degree or career credential, and more than one-half of kindergartners aren’t prepared when they enter elementary school. And while many promising education-focused programs and organizations have attempted to address these achievement gaps, large-scale systemic change still eludes the region.

Approach & Solutions

FSG worked closely with CCER and the Gates Foundation to develop a new education initiative in Seattle and South King County called the Road Map for Education Results (the Road Map), the goal of which is to double the number of students who are on-track to earn a college degree or career credential by 2020 and close the pervasive achievement gaps in the region.

FSG supported CCER and acted as a thought partner in the initial stages of developing and launching the Road Map. Specifically, FSG engaged in the following sets of activities:

I. Design and Launch of a New Collective Impact Initiative
  • Facilitated advisory group meetings and decision-making to develop the initiative’s Theory of Change and guiding principles
  • Provided support and materials for community outreach meetings with civic, nonprofit, and education leaders
  • Facilitated the development of shared goals and common metrics by supporting work groups, the advisory group, and the backbone organization

II. Selection of Strategic Priorities to Reach the Road Map Goal

  • Designed strategy selection process with CCER
  • Facilitated work group meetings to identify strategies and provided relevant research and analysis to inform strategy recommendations

III. Research of Existing and Needed Data Infrastructure

  • Assessed the availability of local data for key indicators
  • Evaluated the region’s existing and needed data capacity

IV. Documentation

  • Created narrative account of the first two phases of the Road Map Project, including 1) design and launch and 2) early implementation

About CCER and the Gates Foundation

CCER was founded in early 2010 as the organization to serve as the “backbone” for the Road Map Project. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Pacific Northwest team works in Washington State to prepare children for kindergarten, reduce family homelessness, provide greater opportunities for students to graduate from high school and earn a postsecondary degree, ensure that libraries maintain quality access to technology, and help at-risk families, children, and communities. Click here to learn more about the Gates Foundation’s support of the Road Map Project.

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