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Pfizer: Africa Platform

Case Overview

Pfizer engaged FSG to help develop a shared value strategy in Africa to better align Pfizer’s market interests and social investment activities.

The Challenge

FSG was asked to identify opportunities where Pfizer could support its market objectives and leverage its unique assets to contribute to a significant global health challenge in Africa. Malaria was identified as a potential issue of focus given Pfizer’s growing portfolio of anti-malarial products and the strong field of NGOs to engage in impactful public-private partnerships.

Approach & Solutions

FSG conducted interviews and workshops with corporate and Africa-based market representatives to better understand Pfizer’s commercial goals. To identify where Pfizer could create the most value, FSG conducted secondary research and interviews with global malaria experts. Among five malaria control strategies, supporting capacity building for treatment efforts generated the most interest among experts and Pfizer market representatives, and aligned most closely with Pfizer’s expertise in the treatment sphere to help close critical gaps in patient and provider education and treatment.

Many options existed to achieve this goal, so FSG embarked on additional research to determine the specific intervention area and define the objectives, activities, partners and metrics for success of a capacity building, treatment-oriented initiative in three markets: Ghana, Senegal and Kenya. FSG identified several important activities related to capacity building for improved treatment through a combination of over 100 interviews with stakeholders and detailed secondary research.

From FSG’s findings as well as their own internal research, Pfizer launched Mobilize Against Malaria at the Clinton Global Initiative in 2006 with the buy-in of the Ministries of Health of Ghana, Kenya and Senegal. The $15 million pilot program is running in each of the three countries, with tailored interventions in grassroots training in the public and private sectors and patient education to improve recognition of symptoms of malaria and to improve adherence to the standard of care for malaria.

The program’s goal is to improve treatment and to reduce morbidity for malaria, with its ultimate success to be measured not only in terms of patient outcomes, but also in the learning that will hopefully spread through the field as partners replicate and build on these important pilot programs. Importantly, Pfizer has also partnered with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine to share lessons learned from Mobilize Against Malaria with the broader malaria field.

Pfizer’s Mobilize Against Malaria partnership is an innovative public-private partnership that leverages Pfizer’s unique expertise to drive both business and social value from its investments in one of the world’s “big three” diseases.

About Pfizer

Pfizer is the world's largest research-based pharmaceutical company. In addition to advancing wellness through its medicines, vaccines and products, Pfizer works in local communities to support access to affordable health care.

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