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Rwanda Works: Strategic Planning

Case Overview

FSG partnered with Rwanda Works, an organization that builds and manages competitive businesses and healthcare infrastructure, to develop a plan to pursue impact investing opportunities in Rwanda.

The Challenge

Rwanda was devastated by genocide in 1994. While the economy has since seen rapid growth under strong leadership, there is a need to bring investment capital to the parts of Rwanda most affected by the Rwandan genocide. This area of the country is in dire need of new investment capital to spur employment beyond the traditional subsistence-level farming that is the predominant vocation in the district. However very little was known about investable opportunities and management capacity in Rwanda.

"In Africa today, we recognize that trade and investment, not aid, are the pillars of development."  - Paul Kagame, President, Republic of Rwanda

Approach & Solutions

Rwanda Works had had success working with the Rwandan government to refurbish and implement management systems in health centers across the country. FSG was engaged to build a plan for the future of the health centers and assess investment alternatives to complement this work. FSG set out to identify specific businesses that could be developed to expand employment and prosperity for the families living in this region. Team members spent several weeks on the ground conducting over 100 interviews – both at the national level to better understand the context for entrepreneurship and private investment as well as at the district level with business owners.

Our analysis yielded several recommendations:

  • Cultivate investment opportunities in agriculture, tourism and handicrafts – Entrepreneurs and investments were available in these three sectors
  • Continue to focus on building out the Rwandan health system – the Rwanda Works partnership with the government is unique, allowing for an “exit” from health clinic investments in 18-24 months
  • Invest in fundraising and operations – managing new businesses the emerging market will require significant overhead

This engagement concluded with a strategic plan articulating the Rwanda Works strategy, criteria for identifying businesses for future investment and a target list of initial investments. FSG also developed an operational plan to facilitate the implementation of the strategy. Rwanda Works management took this plan forward and has launched its first business – Rwanda Ventures.

About Rwanda Works

Rwanda Works invests in health and wealth to ensure a healthy future and a viable economy in Rwanda.

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