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TNT/U.N. World Food Programme: Evaluation of "Moving the World"

Case Overview

FSG conducted a five-year evaluation of the Moving the World partnership, a collaboration between TNT, a global leader in logistics, express mail and post services, and the World Food Programme (WFP).

The Challenge

TNT and WFP together invested €37M in Moving the World. As they neared the end of their first five years of partnership, it was a good opportunity to assess the program and determine its future direction. The most important dimensions to address were maintaining the partnership’s high level of energy beyond the "scale-up" period, and developing a common vision moving forward.

Approach & Solutions

The TNT team collected process and performance data in the program’s three core areas of logistical assistance, disaster management and awareness building & fundraising; all of this data was shared with FSG for analysis. To better understand the objectives of the evaluation — the actions expected to be taken as a result of the evaluation; the insights needed to support those decisions, and the data needed to generate such insights — FSG interviewed all key program staff at TNT and WFP. After the interviews and data analysis, FSG conducted a joint workshop to refine the evaluation process and discuss initial findings.

FSG provided an objective assessment of the program looking at design, implementation and strategic alignment. Most notable was the range of assets and skills applied by TNT; it brought corporate social responsibility to a new level in terms of dedication of a company to one cause, utilization of its resources and development of a structure that allowed for on-going learning. Moving the World fulfilled its objectives across its three core areas to different degrees, but there were still opportunities for enhancement.
To build on the successes Moving the World had to date, FSG recommended:

  • Setting an appropriate balance between short and long-term wins, quantified and motivating goals
  • Enhanced partnership governance at WFP: on-going top management commitment, detailed budgets, rigorous needs assessment, planning and performance monitoring
  • Continued emphasis on expert skills and assets available at TNT
  • Compelling communications and image monitoring for program recognition and buy-in.
FSG concluded that the future of the partnership could be designed around existing but sharpened portfolios, but that targeting new areas of common interest would be the biggest boost to the partnership. After interviewing managers at TNT and WFP to identify their top social issues, one idea emerged as an area of common importance: “Responsible Transportation.” FSG led TNT and WFP through the process of determining the weight to give to each portfolio, the projects to emphasize within each, and the approaches and systems to measure progress and impact.

About TNT

TNT N.V., through its two divisions, Express and Mail, is part of the global transportation and distribution industry, and dedicated to providing delivery solutions to its customers. TNT serves more than 200 countries and employs roughly 160,000 people. TNT N.V. is listed and traded on Euronext Amsterdam by NYSE Euronext (ticker “TNT”).

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