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Breakthroughs in Shared Measurement and Social Impact

Mark Kramer, Marcie Parkhurst, Lalitha Vaidyanathan

Many social enterprises focus on measuring the success of individual grants and nonprofit initiatives. This traditional approach to measuring results neglects the reality that no single organization alone can solve the scale of today's social challenges. This research highlights 20 social enterprises that developed innovative and coordinated web-based approaches to evaluate their impact across multiple grants and stakeholders.



  Executive Summary

Breakthroughs in Measurement Complete Complete Report with Appendix

Breakthroughs in MeasurementComplete Report excluding Appendix

Appendix including Case Studies

Breakthroughs in Measurement Webinar Webinar 

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Abid Jan
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This work is certainly going to revolutionize the community development work and help us get out of the project based approach to funding and a narrow approach to measuring progress of those allocations.
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Many thanks for reading, and for your thoughtful comment. Please stay in touch!
Ravi parthasarathy
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Thanks for the insight, but can social entrepreneurship bring back jobs in the most advanced countries going through the worst economic condition because the systems they created do not benefit the society as a whole?
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