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Embracing Emergence: How Collective Impact Addresses Complexity

John Kania, Mark Kramer

Complex social problems cannot be solved by a single organization or by a simple recipe. This article explores how the rules of interaction defined in a collective impact process put participants on a journey embracing collective vigilance, learning, and action. Through this collective journey, exciting new solutions to complex problems emerge.






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Melissa Simpson
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I would be interested in suggestions for intra-collaborating as much as external collaboration. Even departments within an organization sometimes have difficulty in collaborating because of the lens they see their work through or the demands of their work.
Wendy Watson-Hallowell
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With a focus on core outcomes and a shared measurement system, developmental evaluation works wonders as a learning tool. Although we have not used that language in our work, we are finding that the cohesion and accomplishment of the collective efforts we are guiding are quickly learning what does and does not get to results while increasing collaboration and innovative solutions.
Emily Malenfant
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Thanks, Wendy! Given your comments, you may be interested in the following additional resources:
David Plouffe
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@Melissa Simpson - We at the City of Calgary are using the Collective Impact model for intra-collaborating. Our Organizational Cultural Transformation Project (I am team member) is using Collective Imapct to creat ownership of the citizen-focused strategy as an approach for how departments work together to provide services and follow through on Council's plans in our next business cycle.
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