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Strategy & Society: The Link Between Competitive Advantage and Corporate Social Responsibility

Michael Porter, Mark Kramer


Winner of the McKinsey Award for the Best Harvard Business Review Article in 2006. Moving past generic CSR principles, learn how societal influence is becoming the new frontier of competitive advantage.





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Dan Bassill
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Was reviewing my planning file today and saw copy of Strategy & Society. Conclusion says "When a well-run business applies its vast resources, expertise, and management talent to problems that it understands and in which it has a stake,it can have a greater impact on social good than any other institution or philanthropic organization." I keep looking for examples of companies with teams focusing on workforce development who use maps and design concepts to blueprint strategies that they and others are following to help kids through school and into careers.

Do you collect such examples?

Another article that I looked at today I was one about "Forward and backward mapping" by Richard Elmore at Harvard. Do you focus on implementation their or backward mapping in work on collective impact?
John Kania
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There are numerous cross sector partnerships in the United States that focus on blueprinting strategies to help kids follow through on school and into careers. One centralized source for that are the partnerships associated with the National Fund for Workforce Solutions. Many corporations are involved with these partnerships.

Regarding the question about backwards and forward mapping, the answer is: yes we do that, though we don’t always use that terminology. I’d be happy to discuss if you would like to schedule a phone call.

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