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Maximizing Impact: How Mission Investments and Grants Can Work Together Presentation

Mark Kramer, Adeeb Mahmud

Mark Kramer and Adeeb Mahmud, and panelists Charly Kleissner (Co-Founder, KL Felicitas Foundation) and Gregory Miller (Managing Director, Investments, 2006-2009) met for a panel discussion on how some foundations are combining investments and grants to more effectively address difficult social problems.


Maximizing Impact Presentation Webinar Presentation

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Without a doubt foundations shluod strive to align their asset management with the values and operations of their philanthropic activities; and where possible, invest in socially responsible companies that have proven to generate good R.O.I.HOWEVER, I can see (from a pure investment strategy perspective), why the Gates Foundation might find this difficult to do.With the amount of assets that they must invest, whilst keeping with their investment policies (in terms of % ownership, liquidity, risk exposure etc), I think it may prove difficult if not impossible for the Gates Foundation in particular to align their investments with activities.In short, until the progressive, socially responsible companies become as big and relatively stable - on a market cap basis - as the leaders of the industrials, I can't see how the largest foundations to do this.This shluod not discourage "the rest of us" in advocating for this kind of alignment but my above point is one I feel being left out of the conversation on this topic.
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