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How Can Philanthropy Play a More Important Role in Creating a Better Future?

This motion graphic, developed to accompany the Strategic Philanthropy for a Complex World article in Stanford Social Innovation Review, illustrates how an emergent strategy can help foundations that want to tackle society’s biggest social and environmental problems. These complex problems require the ability to sense and respond to opportunities as they arise, the willingness to co-create with other organizations, and a dynamic approach to improving system fitness.  


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Daniel Bassill
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I appreciate the video. In future versions I'd encourage you to include GIS map to illustrate that the same problem needs to be solved in many locations within a geographic area. I'd also encourage you to include a graphic that illustrates the element of time. I takes many years of consistent involvement to bring people together, and build shared understanding, and that is just the first part of solving complex problems.

I hope you're able to engage more leaders around these ideas, and that many will connect in web forums that also include other stakeholders.
Patty Russell
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Thanks so much for your suggestions. We agree with your reflections on the limitations of a motion-graphic. Trust, time and consistency in a community, and geography are critical ingredients in creating impact. We'll look forward to exploring how we might integrate these concepts into other forms of storytelling on emergence and complexity.

We would welcome the opportunity to engage stakeholders on this idea through other web forums, and would appreciate reader suggestions on relevant sites.

Best, Patty Russell
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