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Strategic Evaluation

What is Strategic Evaluation?

Strategic learning and evaluation employs a variety of methods and processes to provide timely, credible, and useful information that can be acted upon to increase organizational effectiveness and impact. 

The Evolution of Strategic Evaluation

Though FSG initially focused on bringing the analytic rigor of strategy consulting to philanthropy, it soon became clear that strategy alone wouldn’t produce the social impact our clients hoped to achieve.

Our early work with foundations taught us that strategy and evaluation are interrelated—strategy establishes the boundaries for evaluation, while evaluation guides the development and refinement of strategy.

In 2006, we led a year-long research effort and wrote From Insight to Action: New Directions in Foundation Evaluation, which sought to demystify evaluation for philanthropy. The report generated a great deal of interest in FSG’s evaluation services, and in response we began to build a world-class strategic learning and evaluation team led by Hallie Preskill, former president of the American Evaluation Association.

Our fundamental belief is that evaluation is a catalyst for individual, group, organization, and community learning. It should be linked to strategy and integrated into the lifecycle of an initiative to provide ongoing information to a wide variety of stakeholders.

Today, we work with organizations and leaders from all sectors to design and implement developmental, formative, and summative evaluations, conduct strategic reviews, build evaluation capacity, and develop evaluation frameworks and systems.

Getting Started with Strategic Evaluation