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Our Approach to Impact

At FSG, we believe that solving the world’s most challenging societal problems requires new ways of thinking, acting, and partnering. We’ve identified four key ideas that we believe are critical to creating large-scale change. By engaging with different actors to support our research, garner insights, and to share ideas, FSG works collectively to discover new ways to solve social problems. We achieve impact through our consulting services, field and grant-funded research, partnerships, events, communities of practice, and published work. Learn more about our approaches below.

Catalytic Philanthropy

Catalytic Philanthropists realize that social change requires participation beyond check-writing. Using multiple tools and working with other community actors, catalytic philanthropists take an active role to bring about transformative change.

Catalytic Philanthropy Contact
Patty Russell

Collective Impact

Collective Impact brings diverse organizations together with a common goal of solving a social problem. All actors involved collaborate in a highly-structured manner to make a true impact on a complex issue.

Collective Impact Contact
Fay Hanleybrown
Managing Director

Shared Value

Shared Value is an approach to meeting business objectives that creates a competitive advantage for corporations through innovations that address society's needs and challenges.

Shared Value Contact
Marc Pfitzer
Managing Director

Strategic Evaluation

Strategic Evaluation is an approach for designing systems of collecting and sharing data which lead to actionable change, improved organizational effectiveness, and ultimately, social impact.

Strategic Evaluation Contact
Hallie Preskill, Ph.D.
Managing Director

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