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This blog contains posts on the Strategic Evaluation approach at FSG.
Posted by: Ellen Martin on 7/26/2011

There’s been a lot of media attention recently on the future of the news industry. This month, The Economist published a special report, Bulletins from the Future, highlighting the major ways in which journalism has and will change because of digital technology and network platforms. This summer, Participant Media (Jeff Skoll’s film production company) released Page One: Inside the New York Times, a Sundance documentary that pits digital media against traditional media in a Star Wars-esque battle of editorial forces as the Times rethinks its business model. In April, The Atlantic tried to make its own sense of new media in an article on the topic. While media loves to talk about itself and its illnesses, increasingly the philanthropic community is considering information and news in a new light: as a core need and instrument for social change.

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