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This blog contains posts on the Strategic Evaluation approach at FSG.
Posted by: FSG on 12/15/2014

By Royce Holladay, Director of the Network at HSD Institute

When I first read a draft of the paper: Evaluating Complexity: Propositions for Improving Practice a few weeks ago, I found myself relaxing into the topic. I saw that it did, in fact offer some true--and useful--advice for those of us who look for ways to assess our impact as we work to see, understand, and influence patterns in complex systems. Why, I asked myself, did their work ring so true? I reflected on the characteristics of complex adaptive systems (CAS) that limit the capacity of traditional evaluation methods to inform our evaluation decisions in effective and meaningful ways.

Posted by: FSG on 12/5/2014

By Srik Gopal and Joelle Cook

In 2009, the Norlien Foundation established the Alberta Family Wellness Initiative (AFWI), to invest in improving the health and wellness of children and families in the province of Alberta, Canada. The initiative aims to share and promote knowledge about brain and biological development as it relates to early childhood development, mental health, and addiction. Given the cross-sector and multi-disciplinary nature of what AFWI aims to achieve, the initiative is designed to engage and catalyze relationships across stakeholders from science, policy, and practice domains.

Posted by: Katelyn Mack on 10/15/2014

Have you ever been called an expert? If you are reading this post, chances are you have. It may have been by a colleague, a boss, a client, a professor…or maybe, by a parent. I’m not sure about you, but I sometimes get an uneasy feeling when I am referred to as an “expert.” People usually mean it as a compliment. In essence, there is some innate knowledge I have from my training or experience that they don’t have.

Posted by: Strategic Evaluation on 6/16/2014

By Srik Gopalakrishnan and Hallie Preskill

Over the years, people have approached us with wonderings about what really counts as evaluation. For example, people have asked, “Is evaluation the same as research?” “What’s the difference between performance measurement and evaluation?” “Is assessment the same as evaluation?” “What is the difference between a process evaluation and outcome evaluation?”  We acknowledge that the field of evaluation (and related disciplines) has unleashed a torrent of definitions and concepts that have, unfortunately, created significant confusion over just what evaluation is and its value to strategic and programmatic decision making.

Posted by: FSG on 5/19/2014

This post by Marcie Parkhurst introduces FSG and the Collective Impact Forum's new 3-part Guide to Evaluating Collective Impact.

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