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This blog contains posts on social impact from FSG’s leadership team.
Posted by: Valerie Bockstette on 1/12/2015

Since the release of Strategic Philanthropy for a Complex World, we've heard from so many of you about the ways in which you've been practicing emergent strategy. In the spirit of peer learning and in the early days of a brave new year, we thought this was an opportune moment to share some practical resolutions so we can all ensure we are being emergent this year. Please add your own resolutions to this list so we can co-create an even better one.

Posted by: Valerie Bockstette on 7/16/2012

I have always been excited about the principles we outlined in our 2011 book “Do More than Give.” So much so that I often wonder how these principles apply to actors beyond philanthropists, including governments, NGOs and lately, our very own FSG. Indeed, I think “Do More Than…” applies to any actor trying to be catalytic.

Posted by: Valerie Bockstette on 10/24/2011

Earlier this month I had the great pleasure of attending and speaking at Innovative Management Partner’s annual Strategy Days symposium in beautiful Innsbruck, Austria. The title and theme was “Innovationlogic of the Future”.

Posted by: Valerie Bockstette on 5/24/2011

I really do have the best job in the world. Over the past 2.5 weeks I’ve had the opportunity to speak about Creating Shared Value (CSV) at three different events in three different countries. At each event the context, the setting and the audience was very different. And yet, the same important themes surfaced time and again, demonstrating that in the journey to embed shared value into corporations, managers from Barcelona to Prague are facing the same opportunities and challenges.

Posted by: Valerie Bockstette on 12/13/2010

In many German cities children with a “Migrationshintergrund”, in other words those with an immigrant background, make up 50% of most classrooms. Evidence, such as the latest PISA study, tells us time and again that our school systems are often failing to graduate this part of the population, let alone prepare them for jobs. It is a daunting challenge that will shape German society for years to come. However, integrating such a diverse set of cultures and skills into the fabric of our society is also a wonderful opportunity. The question is, can philanthropy, with its limited resources, play a role in unlocking opportunities for these children and their families?

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