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This blog contains posts on social impact from FSG’s leadership team.
Posted by: FSG on 1/25/2011
FSG co-founder Michael Porter joined 2500 global leaders at this year’s World Economic Forum gathering in Davos, Switzerland, presenting a plenary on creating shared value. Click here to watch. 
Posted by: Gregory Hills on 1/17/2011
A headline in last week’s Boston Globe caught my eye: “Gathering of Captains to Ponder Civic Woes.” The story describes how 50 or so business, civic, and political leaders plan to gather at a wooded retreat to discuss tough social issues facing the state of Massachusetts. But will anything come out of this so-called Commonwealth Summit? Will solutions to rising health care costs, state budget deficits, and job losses emerge? I applaud the efforts of the state’s leaders to explore joint solutions to social challenges. However, I fear the rustic setting and cocktails by the fireplace will not result in a common agenda and a clear action plan. What’s most likely is that these leaders will return to their day jobs with the best of intentions but without the necessary capacity, direction, or coordination to facilitate necessary change. So what’s missing?
Posted by: Carl Frappaolo on 1/10/2011

If you are like me, there is a certain amount of depression that comes after the holiday season - its back to life as usual. What I miss most is the heightened focus on giving to others. This year I am happy to say that was not the case, as this marks my first new year with FSG. At FSG the focus on giving exists 365 days a year, and to my own personal delight in a way that surrounds me in the source of my passion – Knowledge Management. I am not only talking about my role as the Director of Knowledge Management at FSG – but the practice of FSG itself: we wallow in Knowledge Management.

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