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This blog contains posts on social impact from FSG’s leadership team.
Posted by: Marc Pfitzer on 4/16/2014

By Simon Meier and Marc Pfitzer

We can all think of philanthropic giants who have dedicated their immense personal wealth to creating lasting social change. But not all philanthropy is necessarily large scale. Did you know that shoulder lines on roads are the result of Dr. John Dorr’s, an American industrial chemist and philanthropist, relentless campaigning? Dorr noticed that the number of accidents increased significantly at night and during bad weather as drivers hugged the central line on roads. Having tested and proven the effectiveness of shoulder lines in reducing the number of accidents on one highway, Dorr successfully campaigned to get the lines adopted nationally, thereby preserving the lives of countless drivers. Today, shoulder lines have gained universal acceptance.

Posted by: Mark Kramer on 11/15/2011

Interest in impact investing has taken off in the last year, reaching a whole new level. Among all this good news, however, are we losing sight of the full range of impact investing tools available?

Consider two recent examples: UBS is raising a $100-250 million impact investing fund among its high-net-worth non-US clients to invest in SMEs in developing countries. The Fund will report back to investors – and reward fund managers – based on social impacts as well as financial returns. UBS anticipates that every dollar invested will generate $13 in multiplier effects that benefit local communities.

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