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This blog contains posts on social impact from FSG’s leadership team.
Posted by: Srik Gopal on 10/27/2014

My colleagues at FSG and I have extensively written and spoken about acknowledging the importance of complexity when it comes to social change, whether in collective impact, strategic philanthropy, or evaluation.  I have personally used the below graphic, an idea originally developed by Brenda Zimmerman and others, dozens of times in talks, presentations, and meetings to help folks wrap their minds around the idea of complexity. I would often see the notion of complexity “clicking” for audiences, especially when I used the example of “raising a child.”

Posted by: Rebecca Graves on 8/6/2014
Pride Foundation is the largest LGBTQ community foundation in North America and a Northwest leader in the pursuit of equality for the LGBTQ community.

In November of 2012, Washington state voted to legalize same-sex marriage through a ballot referendum. One year prior, after thoughtful deliberation by the board on whether and how Pride Foundation should engage in advocacy, the community foundation took action and played many roles to support a victory for marriage equality at the ballot box. At an important moment in time, they stepped out and led a statewide public education campaign - mobilizing donors to make contributions; engaging donors as messengers; helping volunteers bring friends, family and colleagues together; and serving as a resource to appropriately connect individuals to the political work and/or the education campaign.

Posted by: Veronica Borgonovi on 7/22/2014

What does rock climbing have to do with social change?

Posted by: Patty Russell on 7/6/2014
Three years after making the decision to invest in Dallas’ working poor, guest bloggers Sarah Cotton Nelson and Wende Burton of Communities Foundation of Texas (CFT) reflect on the role of emergent strategy and how modest investments in system fitness can catalyze a community dialogue (moderated by Patty Russell).

Posted by: Gregory Hills on 5/21/2014

A hot topic at the CECP Summit this year was the role companies should play in collaborative efforts. In a jam-packed room, I had the pleasure of representing FSG on a lively panel with Citi Foundation CEO Pam Flaherty moderated by CECP Executive Director Margaret Coady.

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