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Posted by: Sebastien Mazzuri on 10/29/2013

In the summer of 2013, FSG and the Shared Value Initiative convened a group of representatives from pharmaceutical, medical device, food/nutrition, technology, and communication companies as well as interested parties from academia, NGOs, civil society and government agencies in Boston for a workshop discussion centered on shared value measurement for health solutions. Shared value has proven to be a powerful framework in helping businesses to address the health needs of underserved populations in a profitable way, but further measurement is needed to demonstrate the full potential of a shared value strategy.The objectives of the workshop were twofold:

Posted by: Sebastien Mazzuri on 12/13/2010

Hypertension. Cancer. Diabetes. COPD. Those are all non-communicable diseases (NCDs) traditionally depicted as the privilege of wealthy societies basking in their comfortable lifestyle of unhealthy diet and physical inactivity. Worldwide, NCDs account for 60% (35 million) of global deaths. Yet, contrary to common perception, the largest burden occurs in low- to middle-income countries (LMICs): more than 70% of all cancer deaths and 80% of deaths from heart attacks and strokes occur in LMICs, for example, and a frightening time bomb is ticking in several countries like Thailand where obesity in adolescents increased by 33% in the past two years.

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