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Posted by: David Garfunkel on 3/19/2015

The cast at last week’s “No Ceilings: Not There Yet” event put on by the Clinton Foundation was impressive. Hillary Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, Melinda Gates, and America Ferrera all spoke eloquently, highlighting advances in gender equality and areas for continued improvement. But it was the speech of someone much less famous that caught my attention.

Posted by: Laura Herman on 3/10/2015

Last week was great for girls around the world. The Obama Administration’s announcement of the Let Girls Learn program demonstrates not only the continued commitment to girls, but also a creative and responsible approach to supporting community based solutions to the complex challenges adolescent girls face around the world when it comes to their education. Moreover, it is a great demonstration of alignment across the many approaches the US government brings to its global development efforts.

Posted by: Chris Carlson on 1/12/2015

Historically, non-communicable diseases (NCDs) have not enjoyed a high profile in global health circles and popular media alongside their communicable brethren such as HIV, malaria, TB, and Ebola, but there is much reason to believe this is changing. Even amid the Ebola crisis, 2014 was a year of increased global focus on addressing the expanding burden of NCDs and their effects in low and middle income countries. This intensity has been reflected in a range of important work, including:

Posted by: Alex Geertz on 10/2/2014

Several threads in the news lately connect to how health systems pivot from crisis mode to a sustained response. The countries affected by the Ebola epidemic are moving from an initial influx of technical advisers to emphasize longer-term strengthening of their health systems. Funders like The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria are adopting new mechanisms to address countries in transition from donor dependence to country ownership.

Posted by: FSG on 2/13/2014

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This post by Sebastien Mazurri shares highlights from a recent Twitter Chat hosted by The Guardian Sustainable Business Pharma Futures Blog.

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