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Posted by: Valerie Bockstette on 4/29/2013

This post originally appeared on the Guardian Sustainable Business blog.

By basing CSR on social issues at the core of their business, companies can create social benefits and financial returns.

In the 2011 Harvard Business Review article "Creating Shared Value," Michael Porter and Mark Kramer argued that "shared value is not about personal values." Indeed, we often hear people confusing the terms "shared value" and "shared values", mistakenly thinking that the concept advocates that corporations should let the values of stakeholders drive their strategies and actions.
Posted by: Valerie Bockstette on 9/4/2012

This post originally appeared on The Guardian's Sustainable Business Blog.

As we learn more about shared value and its implications for different sectors, a frequently asked question is around what it means for investors. Writing in the Harvard Business Review, Michael Porter and Mark Kramer argue that shared value will "drive the next wave of innovation and productivity growth in the global economy." Put this way, it is clear that an understanding of one of the key drivers of growth is of utmost importance to investors.

Posted by: Valerie Bockstette on 5/2/2012

For the third year in a row I’ve just had the privilege of spending two days in the Czech Republic to talk to and learn from companies implementing shared value. The sophistication of the conversation has shifted every year – which is heartening and inspiring. This time we talked a lot about how to move the elephant to a new room. Curious what moving elephants has to do with shared value? Interested in becoming an elephant mover yourself? Read on!

Posted by: Valerie Bockstette on 3/19/2012

I was playing a board game with my 6 year old niece last week and she told me she wants to grow up to be a ballerina. Or maybe a job working with animals. She really likes cats and dogs. And deer. This got me thinking, well maybe even dreaming. When my niece Olivia enters the workforce in twenty or so years – might she find a totally different job landscape? Will companies that create shared value offer positions that have the same titles as positions today, but fundamentally different roles? What might this look like?

Posted by: Valerie Bockstette on 11/21/2011

This post is part of the HBR series of blog posts by and about the new generation of purpose-driven leaders.

Too often companies approach their engagement with social and environmental issues with a safety net mentality: reacting to vocal stakeholders, minimizing risk, doing the bare minimum to comply with standards, and at best, striving for footprint reduction rather than ecological value creation.

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