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This blog contains posts from the Creating Shared Value approach at FSG.
Posted by: Matt Duffy on 4/30/2012

Last month Verizon released its 2011 Annual Report. Amidst this integrated report of financial and corporate responsibility is found the launch of Verizon’s “Shared Success.” While the idea of “Shared Success” is new, it’s only the most recent step Verizon has taken on a long journey toward creating shared value.  FSG has been working with Verizon as it builds its Shared Success effort, giving us a great viewpoint into this journey.

Posted by: Daron Sharps on 4/23/2012

One of my favorite things about FSG is our enchantment with ideas. FSG loves to noodle over, consider, go to the whiteboard, take time to reflect. We love to share and get feedback on our ideas, as well – hence the many white papers available on the Knowledge Exchange section of our website, our webinars, our social media campaigns. But sometimes you just can’t beat a live idea jam. 

Posted by: Creating Shared Value on 4/18/2012

Janet Voûte, vice president and global head of public affairs at Nestlé, writes about meeting the A+ requirements of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) for Nestlé's annual report on Creating Shared Value. Please refer to her full post here.

Posted by: Michelle Morgan-Nelsen on 4/5/2012

The average elevator ride in New York City is 118 seconds. Per Jeffrey Hayzlett, writing in Harvard Business Review, that means you've got less than two minutes to engage your audience and deliver the pitch for your amazing idea.

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