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Shared Value in Less Than Two Minutes

Posted by: Michelle Morgan-Nelsen on 4/5/2012

The average elevator ride in New York City is 118 seconds. Per Jeffrey Hayzlett, writing in Harvard Business Review, that means you've got less than two minutes to engage your audience and deliver the pitch for your amazing idea.

With this premise in mind, FSG created the new motion graphic: "Creating Shared Value: It’s the Future." Using storytelling, it visually articulates the three levels of shared value and shows how companies, specifically General Electric, Intercontinental Hotels Group, and Nestlé, are using this approach to create both social and economic value. Surprising even ourselves, we found a way to communicate all this in less than two minutes: Shared Value’s very own “elevator pitch.”

Over the past year, as shared value has gained traction as a "megatrend," we’ve been working hard to engage new corporate audiences to drive adoption. Responding to your feedback, we’ve created this new tool in a format that’s short, easily-digestible and digitally-accessible. In experimenting with this format and working with Column Five Media on the development, it stretched our shared value team to distill and visualize this complex approach. This motion graphic is an illustrative addition to a portfolio of tools that we hope will mobilize capitalism for social change by seeing social problems as representations of business opportunities yet to be met.

This tool can only become potent if shared. With your help, we hope to reach a wider business audience and motivate corporate leaders to act on or learn more about adopting the shared value approach. I hope you’ll take one minute, fifty seconds to see shared value in a new light and better understand its potential. Then, please pass the link on to your network.

We’d love to hear your reaction to the video in the comments below. In what ways can you use this tool within your company or organization? Before you "exit the elevator" or click through to the next page, let us know what you think!

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Carl Frappaolo
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Congrats to you and your team in creating this motion graphic. Its testament to the solid definition of shared value (if you cannot describe a concept clearly and succinctly, the it is not yet well defined.) While achieving shared value may be complex and require a change in mindset, understanding it, as you point out has become much more common place. As I pointed out in a similar blog shared value shares characteristics with other concepts, such as sustainable innovation. I encourage your readers to read the blog post, ( which includes another motion graphic on
sustainable innovation. Educational and entertaining. The movement is afoot.
Matilde Brusco
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I am writing my Bachelor Thesis on this wonderful concept and this video really get in a nutshell what the idea is. Congratulations!
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Thanks for sharing, Matilde! Please keep in touch!
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