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Posted by: Gregory Hills on 2/13/2013

On last week’s lively Measuring Shared Value webinar, folks collectively submitted over 100 questions to our panelists representing Nestlé, Intel, Coca-Cola, and InterContinental Hotels Group. Since we could only answer a handful of questions during that hour, we promised to continue the conversation on FSG’s shared value blog. See below six additional responses from Suzanne Fallender, Intel’s Director of CSR Strategy and Communications, and Janet Voûte, Nestlé’s Global Head of Public Affairs.

Posted by: Michelle Morgan-Nelsen on 2/13/2013

Nestlé has been a long-term proponent of shared value and the concepts underpinning it. Their commitment has been illustrated not only through their core business activities, but also through their transparency and willingness to drive the conversation around shared value in public forums globally.

Posted by: Creating Shared Value on 10/3/2012

At FSG's Shared Value Leadership Summit in May, FSG asked senior leaders to discuss their perspectives on shared value. The results were conversations offering distinct viewpoints on shared value’s role at each organization, as well as in broader society. In the first of four videos, Janet Voûte, Nestlé’s Global Head of Public Affairs and a founding member of the Shared Value Initiative's Leadership Council, offers insight on shared value at Nestlé. 

“[Nestlé’s commitment to shared value] starts in the CEO and Chairman’s office. Their commitment to shared value is undeniable but it goes all the way down to the agronomist in Northern Ghana who is teaching maize farmers better farming practices,” Janet says. Creating shared value is part of Nestlé’s DNA— the strategy of the world’s largest food and beverage company focuses on three issues that are intimately linked to its business model: nutrition, water, and rural development. Janet invites other companies to proactively look for those opportunities to create business value by addressing social needs that are specific to each company and its business. She adds that shared value is different - it is different from other ways in which businesses engage with society such as philanthropy or CSR precisely because it directly links creating value for society with business growth and innovation. Watch the short video below to learn more about Nestlé’s shared value strategy.
Posted by: Valerie Bockstette on 9/4/2012

This post originally appeared on The Guardian's Sustainable Business Blog.

As we learn more about shared value and its implications for different sectors, a frequently asked question is around what it means for investors. Writing in the Harvard Business Review, Michael Porter and Mark Kramer argue that shared value will "drive the next wave of innovation and productivity growth in the global economy." Put this way, it is clear that an understanding of one of the key drivers of growth is of utmost importance to investors.

Posted by: Creating Shared Value on 4/18/2012

Janet Voûte, vice president and global head of public affairs at Nestlé, writes about meeting the A+ requirements of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) for Nestlé's annual report on Creating Shared Value. Please refer to her full post here.

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