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Posted by: Creating Shared Value on 4/7/2014

Roundtable on Shared Value in Education

Earlier this year at the World Economic Forum, 17 corporate and global education leaders gathered in Davos to discuss the role of business in global education. The conversation, led by Mark Kramer and Michael. E Porter with leaders from Pearson, Western Union, Discovery Education and others, is now published in full in Stanford Social Innovation Review.

Posted by: Michelle Morgan-Nelsen on 3/20/2014

Yoshinori Isozaki’s path to shared value was a difficult one. As CEO of Kirin, his goal was to shape the company of the future—one that contributes to society in an impactful way. But among the assets in Kirin’s large food and beverage business are two of Japan’s most popular beers: Kirin Lager and Ichiban Shibori. How does a company that makes alcoholic beverages also address the social needs it might create, like drunk driving accidents? And further up the supply chain, how can the company make sure its beer factories don’t adversely affect the environment?

Posted by: Creating Shared Value on 3/11/2014

In the Winter 2014 edition of the California Management Review, Andrew Crane, Guido Palazzo, Laura J. Spence, and Dirk Matten critique the concept of Creating Shared Value as outlined in Mark Kramer and Michael Porter’s original article on the topic, “Creating Shared Value” (Harvard Business Review, January 2011).

Posted by: Matt Wilka on 3/4/2014

By Kate Tallant and Matt Wilka

A few weeks ago at snowy Davos, we saw the outline of an idea whose time has come. Soon after at Clinton Global Initiative, the outline sharpened a little further. Conversation by conversation, company by company, we’re seeing a new conception of how big business can improve education worldwide.

Posted by: Sebastien Mazzuri on 2/13/2014

What’s shared value’s place in big Pharma? Earlier this week I had the opportunity to discuss this question in a live online chat with Guardian Sustainable Business. The other panelists and I were prompted by the contentious suggestion posed by Guardian’s Sarah LaBrecque: “Instead of a reactive system that deals with the fallout of illness, different stakeholders are keen to promote the reverse, a dynamic system with more patient-doctor-treatment feedback loops. This system might be possible with the help of pharmaceutical companies, who are well placed to offer their business acumen to healthcare services, as well as connecting their products to patient wellbeing.”

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