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This blog contains posts on the Collective Impact approach at FSG.
Posted by: John Kania on 11/18/2013

From the moment the original article on collective impact was published in the Stanford Social Innovation Review in 2011, we at FSG have been excited and humbled to watch the concept gain momentum in the social sector as a disciplined approach to solving large-scale social problems.  Two years later, we’ve had subsequent collective impact articles downloaded thousands of times, hosted multiple conferences with participants from around the world, and conducted trainings on the topic with organizations around the globe. We have also been lucky to partner with and support the launch of more than 25 collective impact initiatives worldwide, and to connect with organizations that are also supporting the growth of the collective impact movement.

Posted by: John Kania on 1/19/2012

Last fall I launched the Collective Impact blog, and as we enter 2012, I can’t help but be inspired and invigorated by all the thinking, writing, doing, and learning that has happened since then.

Posted by: John Kania on 8/10/2011

Since Mark Kramer and I published Collective Impact in the Stanford Social Innovation Review last winter, we’ve been hearing stories from organizations and innovators, not only in the U.S. but from around the world, who are using this idea to transform their communities. The power of Collective Impact as an approach to solving social problems is striking a resounding chord with individuals and organizations from all sectors. Could we be on the verge of more broadly adopting a new paradigm for social change?

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