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This blog contains posts on the Collective Impact approach at FSG.
Posted by: FSG on 3/31/2014

Read Global Partnerships for a Post-2015 World

In a new blog on Business Fights Poverty’s “Post 2015 Zone,” FSG’s Sonja Patscheke discusses the potential of collective impact to drive global development and solve the complex problems of a post-2015 world.

Posted by: David Phillips on 3/3/2014

On the surface, collective impact is a relatively simple concept. After all, there are only five conditions of collective impact (and not 100), right? Yet, the simplistic elegance of the collective impact approach belies deeper concepts of complexity, emergence, systems thinking, sensing, behavior change, and many others. I’ll be the first to admit that trying to fully understand these concepts can quickly leave you reaching for a bottle of Advil, an ice pack, and the good ol’ days of the five conditions. I have found, though, that leaders who deeply understand the principles behind collective impact are able to guide their initiatives toward structures and strategies that work.

Posted by: Autumn McDonald on 2/21/2014

Well now I’ve fooled you. The one thing I’m referring to really represents the several great, insightful, and action-ready points made in the Getting to Collective Impact – Role of the Backbone Organization session during the Champions For Change Backbone Workshop. This conversation featured the reflections of experienced backbone leaders, currently steeped in the work. Chekemma Fulmore-Townsend from Project U-Turn and Cheryl Moder, from the San Diego County Childhood Obesity Initiative participated in a truly fruitful discussion facilitated by FSG managing directors John Kania and Fay Hanleybrown.

Posted by: FSG Collective Impact on 2/19/2014

The Collective Impact Forum, an initiative of FSG and the Aspen Institute Forum for Community Solutions, and the Tamarack Institute, recently hosted our first three-day workshop of 2014 for collective impact backbone leaders. The event took place in San Francisco, with over 250 backbone leaders across the country and world. And, while Champions for Change in 2013 was tailored to mature collective impact initiatives, this year's workshop was open to all initiatives, regardless of where they were in the collective impact process.

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